DIY Confetti Cardholder

· Make your own Confetti Cardholder ·

I'm gonna show you an easy way to do your own confetti scraps and to use them as a patterned cardholder. 
Here is the step by step!

You only need transparent oilcloth, colored paper scraps, elastic band and scissors.

Cut 2 pieces of oilcloth as you see in the photo. Then, put together the two pieces and sew them, leaving the larges laterals free.
Now it's time to do the confetti! Take the scissors and cut the colored papers. Feel free to create as little shapes as you want. If you've got a hole punch or zig-zag scissors, use them too!

Fill the cardholder with confetti. 
Now fold the cardholder as you see in the foto and sew it. Don't forget to insert the elastic band before sewing in one of the parts.

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