Best of the week: round I

1/// Who to follow on Instagram: @dmcspain   2/// Who to follow on Etsy: J profile   3/// This wonderful clown tea kettle found on Etsy  4/// Aliens4Sale shop in Barcelona   5/// The social and creative project Who Gives a Crap   6/// This great cereal tea tutorial   7/// The Poundshop web   8/// Teddy Bear Butchery exhibition by Miroslav Menschenkind  9/// Futami lunch formula for a break if you are in Barcelona (near Plaça Catalunya)

17 comentarios :

  1. M'agrada la bossa de colorins, ideal pels picnics als caps de setmana!

    1. És preciosa oi? Jo em vaig enamorar quan la vaig veure! Perfecte per picnics a la primavera i sortides a la platja a l'estiu! jiji


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